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Magnesium scrap is a valuable resource in the recycling industry, particularly in India. As one of the lightest structural metals, magnesium is in high demand for its strength-to-weight ratio, making it a preferred choice for automotive and aerospace applications. Suppliers in India offer quality magnesium scrap that adheres to international standards, ensuring optimal performance and safety.




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We serve a wide range of industries, including primary aluminum smelters (for element alloying), automotive, aerospce, electronics.

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Primary aluminum smelters







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Our lineup of customers reads like a who’s who of the automotive and engineering industries of India. We can proudly claim among our clients the leading lights of India like Maruti Suzuki, Honda Car, Toyota, Hyundai, Hero Moto Corp, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter, Yamaha, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Rockman, Ahresty, and many others. If we have managed to get their business and if we have sustained it, we can say that such demanding clients are more than fully satisfied with all aspects of our services. We are here to serve, innovate, and help clients prosper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnesium used for?

Aluminium is three times as dense as magnesium. When utilised as an alloying agent, it enhances the mechanical, fabrication, and welding properties of aluminium. These alloys are beneficial for building cars and aeroplanes.

Magnesium is utilised in goods including power tools, laptops, luggage, automobile seats, and cameras that benefit from being lightweight. To get rid of sulphur, it is also added to molten steel and iron.

What is magnesium scrap used for?

The die casting facility either reprocesses the magnesium scrap or sells it to a scrap processor. The remaining scraps are either used directly in the dissipative process of steel desulfurization or sold to a scrap processor. Old magnesium-base scrap, also known as post-consumer scrap, is made up of items like lawn mower decks, automobile and helicopter parts, and worn equipment. Scrap is purchased by processors for magnesium scrap for sale.

Why is magnesium so expensive?

Since magnesium cannot be found freely in nature, it must be extracted—usually by electrolysis—from other compounds. Because magnesium is very rare, its price has increased. Magnesium is not particularly abundant. However, the main reason magnesium is expensive is because consumers are willing to spend that amount for it.

Is magnesium in high demand?

Magnesium is ideal for many applications due to its good electromagnetic screening property and heat conductivity. Magnesium is also very light in weight which is the reason it is used in many different applications hence it is always in high demand.

What are the top 3 uses for magnesium?

Magnesium is utilised in flares, fireworks, and sparklers because it burns brightly and ignites readily in the air.

Dye occasionally uses magnesium sulphate as a mordant. Plastics are treated with magnesium hydroxide to make them fire retardant. Bricks resistant to heat are made of magnesium oxide and are used in furnaces and fireplaces. 

Magnesium is an important reagent in the production of iron and steel making as it is used for removing excessive sulphur from hot metal, which is a necessary step for creating high-quality steel.

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