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Key Supplier To The Country’s

Burgeoning Automotive

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CMR Group is India’s largest producer of Aluminium and Zinc die-casting alloys with a combined annual capacity of over approx 310,700 MT. Since its inception, it has maintained its fast-paced growth by leveraging the latest technology and continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Satisfaction

0Customer Satisfaction

Over 2000 customer in India and overseas have experience Satisfaction
Quality Assurance

0Quality Assurance

The materials are handpicked from imported sources, ensuring high quality.


High volume availability consistently across India.
Pan India Presence

0Pan India Presence

Dedicated facilities in north, west & south India
Efficient Process

0Efficient Process

A digitalized and transparent process ensures ease in bidding & smooth transaction


Materials are packed in standardized jumbo bags & barcodes for completed back traceability.


With 17 years of experience, the team is well-versed in their field.
Dedicated Staff

0Dedicated Staff

A workforce of over 500 dedicated staff member.
To be a Globally Admired Company in Metal Recycling, Delivering Sustainable Values to all Stakeholders.

Scrap your expenses, not your goals and we will be happy to assist you further.


Our Customers

Our lineup of customers reads like a who’s who of the automotive and engineering industries of India. We can proudly claim among our clients the leading lights of India like Maruti Suzuki, Honda Car, Toyota, Hyundai, Hero Moto Corp, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter, Yamaha, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Rockman, Ahresty, and many others. If we have managed to get their business and if we have sustained it, we can say that such demanding clients are more than fully satisfied with all aspects of our services. We are here to serve, innovate, and help clients prosper.

CMR Green Technologies Ltd.
Joint Ventures - Cmr Green Technologies Ltd.

Careers & Life at CMR Green

We believe that our people are our core assets and the secret behind the immense success of the CMR Group. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we attract the best talent and actively engage them by providing them an exciting & dynamic work environment, competitive compensation, and numerous opportunities for learning and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the largest metal recycling company in India?

CMR Green Technologies Ltd. is the largest metal recycling company in India.

What is scrap metal recycling?

Scrap metal recycling plant in India involves the process of collecting, processing, and repurposing discarded metal items to be used in manufacturing new products.

How does metal recycling work?

Metal recycling typically involves the collection of scrap metal, sorting it based on type, processing through melting or shredding, and then using the recovered material to produce new metal products. As one of the largest metal recycling companies, CMR Green Technologies Ltd. is equipped with all these.

What kind of scrap metal is worth money?

In any of the recycle companies in India, scrap metal that is commonly worth money includes non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, and brass, as they have higher market values due to their recyclability and demand of metal recycling services.

What can be done with scrap metal?

The experts of the metal scrap business in India uses the scrap metal to be repurposed in various ways, including melting it down for new metal production, using it in construction projects, or selling it to recycling facilities for economic and environmental benefits. As one of the biggest metal recycling companies, CMR Green Technologies Ltd. has really brought a change in the metal scrap business in India.

How much does recycling cost in India?

Studies have showed the most cost-effective waste management methods over a 20-year period involve recovering recyclables and using landfills. This approach is projected to incur a cost of $19 (Rs. 1400) per ton. In contrast, incineration is estimated to be almost twice as expensive, ranging between $36 and $38 (Rs. 2800 per ton).

What is the scope of recycling in India?

In India, metal scrap recycling companies in India hold the promise of generating six times more employment opportunities. Also, it can yield about ₹14 lakh crore in additional cost savings by 2030, equivalent to around 11% of the annual GDP.  Not just metal scrap business in India, the  recycling of paper can also contribute to the production of reusable materials.