Integrity: Honesty in every action


Honesty in every action

Acting and making decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood

➣Ethical ➣Truthful ➣Righteous ➣Transparent ➣Virtuous ➣Respectful






Customer Obsession: Customer is at the center of everything we do

Customer Obsession

Customer is at the center of everything we do

Customer Success
Belief that our own success is a by-product of our customer’s success.
Exceptional Experiences
Exceeding expectations in creating delightful experiences.
Focus on creating unparalleled quality output for ensuring “unmatched customer satisfaction”.
Always ahead
Having a proactive approach on quality, production capacity & technology to ensure that we can deliver “on time every time”.
Enriching Associations
Driving value for our customers will be at the pinnacle of our objectives to ensure long lasting and fruitful associations.
Building a relationship of trust.

Commitment: Deliver on the Promise


Deliver on the Promise

Doing all that is required to deliver value to all stakeholders and being accountable for our own actions and decisions. No matter what happens, it is only you who is responsible for achievement of goals.

➣Extreme Ownership ➣Discipline ➣Responsibility ➣Results-Orientation ➣Self-Confidence ➣Reliability

Speed: Be a step ahead


Be a step ahead

Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. Continuously striving to finish before deadlines and choosing the best rhythm to optimize organizational efficiencies.

➣Decisive ➣Response Time ➣Agile ➣Accelerated ➣Advance Planning ➣Proactive


Excellence: Fearlessness & Simplicity are keys to Excellence


Fearlessness & Simplicity are keys to Excellence

The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. It is not a destination but a continuous journey of choice.

➣Details ➣Consistency ➣Fire-in-the-belly(desire) ➣Perfection ➣Distinction ➣To Simplify

Care & Trust: In everything we do

Care & Trust

In everything we do

Contributing to the growth and development of all our stakeholders and the environment we thrive in, is of utmost importance to us. CMR’s growth & our employee’s growth will go hand in hand.

➣Compassion ➣Protection ➣Conscientiousness ➣Involvement ➣Joy @ Work ➣Faith