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About CMR Toyotsu Aluminium India Pvt. Ltd.
CMR Toyotsu (CMRT) is a Joint Venture between CMR Green Technologies Ltd., India (CMR Green – 70%) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (TTC- 30%). With an annual production capacity of 42,000 MT, CMRT was established in April 2014 in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai. Later in 2019, CMRT started another plant in Vallam, near Chennai with annual production capacity of 24,000 MT.

CMRT is a producer of Aluminium alloys in South India, it is estimated that an average of ~75% of total aluminium sales volume were contributed by the molten-aluminium segment in fiscal 2020.

The plant, spread over 9 acres with facilities of a pump furnace, twin-shaft shredder, advanced sorting technology and baghouses.

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CMR Nikkei India Pvt. Ltd.
CMR Nikkei India Pvt. Ltd. was established in November 2013 with an annual production capacity of 40,000 MT at Bawal , Haryana. Later in 2018, CMR Nikkei duly set up another plant in Vanod, Gujarat with annual capacity of 30,000 MT. This is a joint venture between CMR Green (74%) & Nikkei MC Aluminium, Japan (26%) the 2nd largest producer of Aluminium Alloys in Japan.

The plant, spread over 5 acres, is a facility for supplying ingot and molten metal. The plant boasts of first time use of Tilting Rotary Furnace imported from France, over-the-road transfer technology from Japan, sorting technology from China, etc. Baghouse was introduced in this plant for its superior pollution control.

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CMR Kataria India Pvt Ltd.
CMR Kataria recently came into existence in 2020 with the vision recycling of ELVs (End-Of-Life-Vehicles) by dismantling, shredding and sorting of parts of ELVs with annual production capacity of 3000 MT. This is a Joint Venture between CMR Green and Kent Industrial Park Private Limited (A Group company of Kataria Group), one of the largest auto part distribution Group in India.