Our Vision

To be the Global Leader in recycling, delivering sustainable value to all Stakeholders while continuing to contribute to the environment.

Our Mission

In the next five years, by 2025, CMR Group will grow 3X in revenue by expanding and diversifying into various forms of recycling and in exports.

CMR Group will continuously endeavor to delight customers, imbibe latest technologies, reduce cost, enhance quality, contribute to environment and become the Best Place to Work.

What are CMR Values?

  • Care for & contribute to environment
    • Recycling Aluminium
    • Each tonne of Aluminum ingot manufactured through secondary route emits ~290 kg of CO2, as compared to emission of ~3830 kg of CO2 while manufacturing through primary route.
    • The process of primary aluminium production through refineries results in the generation of large quantities of solid waste amounting to ~ 2-2.5 tonnes for 1 tonne aluminium produced hence effecting the environment, unlike secondary aluminium where solid and liquid discharge is close to negligible.
  • Our customers’ success must precede our own success
    • We continuously strive to deliver more value to our customer
    • By employing the required Technologies, Processes & Innovative products
    • By improving Quality, Cost & Delivery
    • Integrity at CMR is non-negotiable
  • We care for our people
    • Committed to provide a safe, clean and vibrant work environment to our people
    • Encourage work life balance
    • Believe that organization growth goes hand in hand with people growth